2016 Reflexology Conference Waihi

Was it stressful to organise? If I had the chance again would I do it? Sometimes to the first question and yes to the second question.

But when the weekend arrived, what fabulous fun to meet up with fellow reflexologists from around NZ and Australia and realise how alike we are – in our outlooks, our passion for reflexology and the direction we would like reflexology to take in NZ.

Two Years of Organising

For the past 2 years I have had the privilege of organising the 2016 conference and in the last few months Viv came on board to help with registrations, which was a huge help. Marie walked the streets finding sponsors and Jaun wrote letters to would-be sponsors around NZ. I always felt support was only a phone call away – especially from the Committee and the Auckland Group.

The fun parts were finding key note speakers and workshops; deciding on the venue (which was easy) and in the last months working through details that would enhance everyone’s experience. The tricky parts were feeling I needed to spend time on organising when my own obligations were all-consuming. The scariest time was waiting for registrations to come in and wondering if the conference would go ahead; and if it did – would it break even?

Waihi Academy

Waihi Academy is certainly Waihi’s best kept secret. It is a huge complex worth many millions with state of the art buildings, accommodation, hall, restaurants and classrooms. The Taiwanese team is led by Tony and Jasmine and they have a huge team at hand to make anyone’s stay a pleasure. The food is vegetarian, mainly gluten free, dairy free, onion and garlic free – and yet it was the most delicious food I have tasted. Every meal was a selection of at least 8 divine dishes. www.waihiacademy.co.nz

Jasmine organised a complimentary Taiwanese Tea Ceremony for us on Friday night. What a treat! We sampled 5 different teas, all served as in traditional Taiwanese culture.

The days were full with key note talks, workshops, lots of food and being with reflexology friends. Spot prizes, mother’s day gifts, raffle table winnings were all gratefully received.

Key note speakers

I loved the way each presenter spoke and then we followed up with a practical session in the workshop. Jackie Segers with ‘Reflexology for Cats’ and Jennifer Holmes ‘How to harmonise our energy with Jin Shin Jyutsu’ and Cathy Caldwell with ‘Connexions’.  Jenni Henry shared her journey with us of how she worked in hospitals in the USA. On Sunday Eric Wang, an outstanding acupuncturist from Auckland entertained and informed us for 2 hours and we were sad to stop.

Having Fun

Extras that made it even more fun were starting each day at 7am with Qui Gong with Cherel Waters. We overlooked farmland and watched the sun rise through mist. Stealthily we energised our bodies ready for the day.

Karen’s laughter yoga was hilarious – we guffawed and belly laughed our way through fun activities and then lay down and laughed so much we had tears coming from our eyes.

Rock and Roll

Two rock and roll dancers came in on Saturday night and we watched them dance in awe as Caroline was thrown this way and that and all in time of course. Then we learned steps and had a dance of our own. I am not sure whether we laughed more in this dance or in laughter yoga. The only sad part was we were too full after dinner to enjoy the amazing supper Jasmine and her team provided.

So another conference has been. We all go back to our homes, lives and practices, feeling connected and abundant after our wonderful time together. We are all passionate about reflexology.

Our Reflexology Dream

And reflexology is becoming better known. It is our dream that reflexology becomes complementary to main stream medicine and recognised by ACC. We know that the best way for this to happen is for every practising reflexologist to be a professional member of RNZ. To be a professional member one must have a certified Diploma qualification and keep up professional standards. It is also important for more research to be undertaken (to prove what we already know from experience).




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