Life’s Paradox

 Why is life a paradox?

I work harder to make a better quality of life -more money to have a better lifestyle. This is the paradox. The harder I work, the less I gain. But what is the answer?

More, more, more but is it more?


I make more money, I buy a bigger house – it takes more time to clean so I need a cleaner which means a certain lack of privacy, having to liaise with him/her and more money to pay them. A bigger house means I am able to fill it with more possessions.


I get a nicer car, now I need to look after it more and house it undercover. I am more nervous where I park and my insurance cover increases.

Couple eating dinner in very good restaurant

I have money to eat out, but eating out takes more time, which I don’t have and everything looks so delicious, I overeat and choose food I don’t normally eat which affects my digestive system. I wonder why I am putting on weight and can’t lose weight.

I have money to travel overseas. Before I go, I am very stressed and tired and looking forward to my holiday. The long haul flight, with disrupted sleep and eating and air conditioning affects my whole body. I am determined to enjoy every day on holiday and am on the go the whole time. Why not since I came all this way and probably won’t be back again? I get on the plane to come home and once again my system is further debilitated. I get home and straight back to work. I become ill because my immune system is weakened.

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Time is my challenge. I hate rush hour traffic, it does my head in. Some days I can understand how people become road raged. Even in the weekends I am thinking ahead to the next week’s work or what I have to do at home to catch up. Social media seems to take all my spare time. Family has ceased to become a blessing and a pleasure and at times I see their needs and requests as obligations.

Same thoughts and actions, same direction…

If we want to go in the same direction we keep doing the same things.

Self change means self study

This morning I take a moment and look back to my days of teaching and being in middle management. At the time I didn’t realise how stressed I was – even though I was having heart palpitations and my blood sugar was high and I weighed far too much. Now I can see how stressed I was back then – I felt like I was on a stress treadmill, 24/7. Time was my enemy.

I believe if I was still in that position I would either be very ill or dead. I wonder, how can that be quality of life? Yet I had a good salary, choices, good job which is what we aspire to.

Less is More

Now I have less money but I wake up and can’t wait to start the day. I feel more energised than I did when I was in my twenties. I feel a sense of peace and fulfilment. Finally I am experiencing life as abundance.

I believe it is about choices. Instead of focusing on what we don’t have, focus on what we have and enjoy it. The more we feel we are abundant, the more abundance we attract.

Why wait until we lose our health and quality of life? It may be too late then. I know people who are about to retire, but find their health prevents them from doing all the things they dreamed of doing. Then there are ‘up and coming’ professionals who spend most of their waking hours at work and miss out on their babies growing up, to find they have major health issues – for what?


I believe the paradox is the more I try to achieve a better quality of life through external means, the less quality of life I achieve. The more I simplify my life, the better quality of life I achieve. Less is more.

It is about introducing a small step; something positive into your daily life. Generally it may be mindfulness through breathing;  healthy eating; daily routines for good health; appreciating nature; replacing negative attitudes with positive attitudes. Specifically it may be setting the alarm 10 minutes earlier each day and meditating or doing some stretches.

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