We Can Create Heaven on Earth

We can create heaven on earth…

This is one of my favourite parts of the book ‘Karma for Today’s Traveller’

Floating in water. The pool represents our mental world. Every thought/intention we have sends waves out into this pool. All of these waves taken together, along with echoes of our old waves, form our mental environment. If we fill our mental environment with angry waves, then that is where our mind lives, seeing angry waves everywhere. Similarly if we use our mind wisely and compassionately, we will find our pool becoming clearer and more beautiful. The vista we see will be something to  behold. Our mental environment is up to us.

Our world equilibrium is actually a relatively minor issue when compared with our mental equilibrium. The state of our world equilibrium makes us more or less comfortable as we live out our lives, but it is our mental activity, our volition, perception and intention, the way we use our mind that paints our world.

What a cool thought – the part I resonate with – is that the external world around us is mostly for our comfort. It helps me to understand how those living in conditions New Zealanders can barely comprehend, can still be so happy within. And in New Zealand where we live in paradise, it helps to answer the riddle why so many people are on anti-depressants when we have so much to be thankful for.

It is our inner world that really creates heaven or hell on earth for us.

In our minds we have free will to use our mind in whatever way we wish – it is our mind that paints our world we know. If we take our thoughts back to the beginning – they are energy – and it is our choice whether that thought is positive or negative energy. This sounds easy, but first we need to be aware of our thoughts and I am very biased, but I believe yoga/mindfulness/meditation is the obvious answer to making inner connections and becoming self-aware.



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