No Jet Lag?

Yes, it is true – Jin Shin Jyutsu really works and it is easy to do if you don’t want any jet lag after a long haul flight. During a plane trip from London to Auckland via Hong Kong I held each of my fingers and thumb gently. When I wasn’t eating there wasn’t much else to do except watch a film or snooze so it was easy to hold my fingers.

And no jet lag.

What do I need to do to avoid jet lag?

Hold your thumb gently and relax. Soon you will feel a gentle pulse in each hand. Move on to holding the index finger, then middle finger, then ring finger, then small finger – all one at a time and then do the same with the other hand.

How does it work?

All 144,000 energy functions end in fingers and toes. On a physical level, each finger and thumb is related to an organ, vertebra, muscle and nerve. On a mental and emotional level each finger and thumb is related to an attitude. By holding fingers in different ways we can make 680 mudras to send energy to any part of our being. By holding the finger or thumb we are harmonising all those parts of the body and attitudes.

Our hands become jumper cables to our life force energy.  We want our energy to flow freely (otherwise we suffer symptoms and illness).

How can we have a more harmonious life?

Not only does holding fingers prevent jet lag, it is also a wonderful habit to do each day of our lives. There is always time in our day to become mindful of how we are feeling and hold our fingers.

So a good plan is to become aware of how we are feeling and which attitude we are experiencing and then hold the corresponding finger or thumb. Drop the shoulders, breathe fully and relax. And notice how the attitude is harmonised.

Don’t vent anger- harmonise it

Have you noticed that when you feel angry and vent it, the venting of anger only makes more anger. Yet if you relax and hold your middle finger you are harmonising your anger and anger disappears.

So easy yet so hard. How many of us are able to be aware of when we are experiencing fear, anger, sadness, anxiety or too much effort and have the presence of mind to harmonise the attitude by holding our finger and relaxing?

Imagine being able to do this – we would be living in a harmonised world –– we would be harmonised, so our relationships would be harmonised and our world would be harmonised.

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