What Mary Says… A Compilation by Lynne Pflueger and Michael Wenninger

Day 35 / Day 100 Each day on Waihi Beach Wellness Facebook page I have been writing a short article about an aspect of wellness. I have decided to blog because at times the posts are too long for facebook and may be better suited as a blog on my website. Mary Burmeister had a lifelong journey of teaching and healing with the art of Jin Shin Jyutsu. Over her lifetime she spoke her wisdom and philosophy of Jin Shin Jyutsu through lectures and treatments. This book, ‘What Mary Says’ captures as closely as possible the essence of Mary’s teachings through quotations she used. I would like to share some...

Paying Forward in Tauranga

Today when in Tauranga, a  lady retailer said to me ‘ A really special thing happened to us last night.’  The lady works a lot and said yesterday night she couldn’t really afford to go out for dinner but she wanted to spend time with her darling daughter. A few friends got together with their daughters and went for pizza from Phoenix on the Strand and had a lovely time. When she went to pay she was told an annonymous person had taken care of their bill. They couldn’t believe it and felt overcome. What a lovely world we live in and the evidence is when people do things like this.