Wayne Hackett Seminar Waihi Academy March 2019


The Wayne Hackett seminar was loved by all who attended. Wayne has a way of presenting to simplify and bring together everything in our text books  in a way to inspire us. He has a wealth of knowledge and wisdom gathered from his life and  40 years of Jin Shin Jyutsu. I loved his stories of Mary Burmeister. Combined with a great sense of humour and being a master teacher, Wayne had us spellbound during the 6 days. Wayne brings numerology and astrology to demonstrate relationships which further our understanding of the art. We learned so many practical applications and how to give the most effective treatments – and more importantly – why.

7 new Jin Shin Jyutsu students  attended the seminar which is heartening for our Jin Shin Jyutsu family in New Zealand. Each of the new students brought a wealth of life experience to the seminar and were fun to get to know.

The Special Topic was centred on energy pulse reading. We read each other’s energy pulse, we read Wayne’s and Wayne read ours. We learned how the pulses guide us to do different flows. We learned the difference between causes and effects. I am sure we all feel more confident about what energy pulses are telling us to do.

The seminar was held at Waihi Academy so all we had to do was to walk from our very comfortable rooms to the restaurant and seminar room. The staff there are amazing. The food is divine. Jasmine is the manager and made organising so so easy. With daily Jin Shin Jyutsu treatments, no cooking, travelling or housework to do – it was a holiday –even better than a holiday because we came away with so much more understanding of the art and so many more friends. And we were all inspired and harmonised!

The New Zealand Jin Shin Jyutsu community was fortunate to experience such a powerful seminar. Thank you Wayne.

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