Wellbeing from Within

Wellbeing from Within
Wellbeing from Within is a coffee table book that is designed for picking up, putting down and reflecting upon. It guides you to truly understand yourself to achieve your dreams. Open to a random page and see what message is there for you.
Each page unlocks secrets about living well, with abundance and prosperity and knowing that whatever life serves you, you can learn from it to emerge stronger and wiser. Jeannette shares her life’s learning, based on ancient wisdoms and life experiences.

I am loving your book. It is like picking up something so good for your soul. It is such a ‘feel good book’ with a lot of common sense and a great way of looking at life. Thank you for putting it out to the universe.
Donna Allen
Reiki Master
Qualified Massage Therapist

“This gem of a book is truly inspiring. With every random page I chose it speaks to me, bolsters me, inspires me, reminds me… Jeannette has condensed all her years of study, knowledge and practice over broad areas into a beautiful handbook to inspire us all to be the best of ourselves. Her heart shines through on every page.”
Dr June Gibbons
MD Doctor of Medicine (Stanford University)
MS Masters of Science (Cornell University)
FRNZCGP (Fellow, Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners)

I love this book and every day open to a page to see what my learning might be. Jeannette’s enthusiasm for all her modalities will encourage you to self reflect and that in itself is very empowering.
Carlene Dillimore
Past athlete in Commonwealth Games

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