Out of my Comfort Zone – but Great Learning

The last two days have been way out of my comfort zone, but there is lots of learning for me.

Months ago I booked for our annual Reflexology NZ Conference to be held in Nelson 14/15/16 June. Our Waikato group have been talking about it and looking forward to spending time together. The highlight for me was a workshop with a reflexologist, about reflexology for critical care.

Denis dropped me off at the airport ready for my 9am flight on Thursday – time to check in to the hotel, visit a friend, look at shops and settle in before tomorrow morning’s start.

At Auckland airport thick fog delayed the flight till 12 noon. Then 4pm. Then 6pm. Then cancelled due to technical problems.

Each time the flight is cancelled I waited at the carousel to pick up luggage, find another flight and check in again. The queue waiting at counter one, which sorts out problems, stretched a long- long way. A very crowded airport.

That night Air New Zealand catered for the stranded ones at the Heartlands Hotel, with meals and a free shuttle bus.

Thursday night I received an email saying fog was expected tomorrow. Friday morning up at 5am and on the shuttle at 6am for 7.20am flight. Flight delayed.  There goes my workshop!

I tried to rebook for the 9am flight but ERROR kept coming up on my cell phone. I look at the queue to get to counter one and see it is longer than ever. It would take an hour to get to the personnel and by that time all the flights would be gone for the 9am flight which goes to Wellington and then arrives in Nelson midafternoon. I look outside and see fog that is thicker than yesterday and make a decision – I am over waiting around for another day. I want to go home.

Yes, I want to go home. I walk outside and see that getting a bus is another ordeal to know where to go and which one to get – especially in Jack the Ripper fog.

Buses go past every 15 mins to Manukau Station. I get on the second bus (I missed the first bus because I wasn’t quick enough to step forward) and find there is no eft pos – just cash – I have no cash. The kind driver lets me on without paying.

I arrive at the Manukau Station which is clean, efficient and huge, but you can’t buy tickets there for Intercity. Tickets need to be prepaid and bought online. I phone Intercity and find all the seats are sold. Next bus at noon. Here we go again! However, I get cash out by buying junk food from the shop to snack on and wait in line in the hope I can get on.

The bus arrives. The lady driver asks me to wait until she has ticketed everyone and then allows me on (there are spare seats). I could have hugged her. The bus glides along the roads smoothly. It is so easy in a bus to enjoy the scenery, eat, drink, chat, snooze, read or listen to music or all of the options. I met some lovely people who chatted.

I checked the flights and found my last flight to Nelson did go ahead as scheduled – so I missed out on the conference, meeting my reflexology friends and spending time together.

Where is the learning?

Human kindness when the chips are down: The personnel on counter one that were going through the worst of days and only showed respect, concern and kindness. The bus driver who saw me dragging a heavy bag and getting on bus expecting to use eft pos and let me on for free. The lovely lady travelling to Mount Maunganui who gave me hope to get on the bus after I had been told there were no seats. Reply texts from family and friends who supported me when I felt like crying with frustration and disappointment.

What is the universe telling me? How important family is – when the chips are down, family is there. Maybe the ‘roadworks’ were telling me I shouldn’t have been going to the Conference. I needed to surrender to what was and go with the flow and see the ‘roadworks’ for what they are. Or did I need resilience to persevere?


: Meeting and talking with an amazing lady who I was delighted to spend time chatting and I know we will be friends in the future. This made the whole experience worthwhile. I just love it when I connect with another person and feel like we could talk forever. What a blessing!

Letting go of all the options when a decision has been made: Today as I sit in Waihi Beach – the Conference will be on and know I am missing a time that I love so much. I need to let go or unresolved sadness will settle in my body causing disruption to my energy patterns. I need to be grateful for what is and honour my decision.

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