‘Bad’ eating habits

Today I opened my book ‘Wellbeing from Within’ and the random page I opened to was the quote, ’Healthy eating is the key to wellbeing.’  Ouch!

For me life is a constant tug of war between loving food and  healthy eating. It seems I have a better chance of eating healthily when Denis and I eat at home. When I am eating socially in cafes and restaurants I tend to eat foods that are not so healthy and usually too much!

I read on more about what I had written in my book and thought to myself, Oh dear! Of course I can’t blame being with others or where I am eating for my own short comings with food. I know my ayurvedic body type and know I am prone to gaining weight. I do know what I need to be eating the most of and how, when and why.

I believe we all  need reminders along our life path – we already know things, but it is about bringing attention to our project; observing what we actually are doing; reflecting on our actions and then bringing self-forgiveness to what we have done or are doing (self-study).

For my bad eating habits – eating between meals is a biggie.

I need to reflect that when I eat between meals I am not so hungry for my next meal. I start to miss out on vegetable-based meals and replace them with café foods usually loaded with ingredients to enhance flavor. When I eat really tasty food, the taste over-rides feelings of fullness ie. it is harder to pig out on a plate of steamed vegetables or garden salad than a laden bowl of hot chips and garlic aoli.

OK, I know what I have been doing, I forgive myself and move on with a realistic, achievable intention of eating 3 meals a day to enjoy feeling hunger before my next meal.

Another bad habit is eating after dinner when watching Netflix. I have already had a perfectly fulfilling meal, but I want more.

When I bring attention, observe and reflect on what I do, I see I am pandering to false hunger. Years ago two ayurvedic teachers, Glen Crowther and Barbara Cook, taught about false hunger vs true hunger. False hunger happens shortly after eating and only certain foods seem fulfilling. So if I don’t feel like a piece of fruit and crave chocolate shortly after a meal, I know it is false hunger. I am better off going for a walk or drinking water or herbal tea.

It is a choice I must make. I think I need to look at changing my habits because eating when feeling false hunger can only lead to more weight gain. I would rather tweak the bad habit than get fatter and fatter and not feel good about myself.

Differences between true hunger and false hunger

True Hunger

  • Appears only when the previous meal has been digested and at regular times
  • Most healthy foods can satisfy the hunger
  • Increases after a few sips of water and / or after a walk

False Hunger

  • Appears even shortly after eating and at irregular times
  • Only particular foods seem satisfying
  • Disappears after walk or short nap and / or after few sips of water

And it all comes down to our choices – which have causes and consequences for us to enjoy.  😊

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