We learn when we are ready

We learn when we are ready

As I reflect this week, I am reminded how attitudes can disharmonise our energy flows. It was a busy week, but all was going well, then I had distressing news about a close relative. It was something that I was powerless to change or help with, but deeply saddens me. Then I got a lung infection. In the art I study – ‘Jin Shin Jyutsu’ attitudes disharmonise our organ energy flows and depths. Sadness and grieving disharmonise the lung and large intestine energy flows. I obviously didn’t work through my emotions and they settled in my body.

The organ sheds the tears the eyes refuse to weep.

Yes, I am powerless to change the behavior, choices and path of my close relative. Until a person wants to change and makes changes, life will continue along the same way.

How, what, when, where and why we learn is as unique as one’s life and it is not for us to judge others.

I have learned that what I would like to impart to others maybe not be what they would like to learn. And if others are not ready for learning all we can do is accept this and give love until they are ready to learn.

What we think is right for others may be wrong for them. What we think is wrong for others may be right for them. Maybe we want others to act as we wish because we think we know best. But the honourable way is to allow others to live their lives despite what we want them to do and ready with love when they come to us.

What about if that person is closely related? More reason to be ourselves and to live our life according to our values. If that person asks for help or advice, we can choose to give it. If that person steps over the mark of what we think is ‘right for us’ we make a decision. And when that decision is made we may communicate our feelings. At that time it is the best decision for us and we let go of ‘what ifs’.

This all seems rather simple. But then isn’t life? If we know ourselves and are strong within, we are better able to set boundaries, to live by our values and to simplify our lives.

I have obviously got lots more learning to do. 😊


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