Detox Hideaway Day

($245 p.p) The Detox Hideaway Day includes:

  • Juice fast
  • Gentle yoga / mindfulness / breathing practice / meditation
  • Sauna
  • Two hours of natural therapy treatments
  • Yoga Nidra (guided deep relaxation session)
  • Time to unwind and relax

Relax, switch off, reset your mind and cleanse your body at beautiful Waihi Beach.

Detox with pure juices, natural therapy treatments, yoga and mindfulness in nature and a sauna in a day personalised just for you.
If you are feeling sluggish, having difficulty waking up, feeling tired, getting ill too often, suffer from mood swings or anxiety, it is time to step off the treadmill and make changes.

Detox Hideaway Day is an opportunity to press your restart button; give your body and mind a chance to clear out stress and toxins that build up in everyday life and enjoy a well-deserved rest in this beautiful hideaway.

A juice fast with delicious, made on the spot fresh juices every 2 hours throughout the day – designed with the right balance of mineral salts, potassium and sugar to stabilise your glucose levels as your body cleanses itself of toxins. Cleanse your body with hidden healing powers of fruit and vegetable juices

Destress with gentle yoga to improve circulation and lymphatic drainage to boost the detox process

Clear your mind with breathing techniques, mindfulness and meditation in a tranquil spot, overlooking beautiful Waihi Beach

Enjoy a sauna to release endorphins, a feel good chemical, to reduce effects of stress on body; feel soothing heat on your nerve endings as muscles are warmed up and relaxed; cleanse your skin as toxins are released through perspiration.

Your choice of two hours’ natural therapy: an upper body massage (based on an Ayurvedic Head Massage), a Reflexology treatment or a Jin Shin Jyutsu treatment (harmonising energy)

Time to relax in the sunshine to connect with nature and your inner child

Yoga Nidra session (a healing and restorative, guided deep relaxing session)