Mini Yoga Retreats

8am to 12 noon $100 per person

  • Yoga on the Beach or Yoga in the Bush (weather permitting) or Yoga in the Studio -Yoga / pranayama / relaxation / meditation
  • Whole earth breakfast –fresh fruit platter /home made cereals/ homebaked breads with conserves /     fresh garden teas
  • A choice of different workshops – Meditation workshop – techniques to learn how easy it is to meditate successfully / Yoga for Menopause / Restorative Yoga / Yoga Nidra / Pregnancy Yoga / Yoga for Lifestyle

Bookings essential.
Minimum 2 and maximum 5 people.

Meditation helps us to attain enlightenment. However, there are lots of other benefits we get from regular meditation. Meditation is the perfect stress management technique.

You will feel stronger and calmer as you develop mental and emotional balance and stability. Emotional stress, which is inevitable on a daily basis, does not affect you so much and you will recover from upsets so much more quickly. Meditation has also been clinically proven to reduce high blood pressure, improve vitality and improve the body’s natural immunity.

First we learn to be aware of our thoughts, then reduce them and slow them down and eventually you will be left with the thought of your object of meditation and eventually even that will drop away.

First we practise our asanas. Asanas develop our physical body and encourages energy to move to keep our body healthy. Breathing practice (Pranayama) calms our mind, soothes our emotions and helps us to relax, but does so much more. Pranayama helps to enrich the blood with oxygen and nutrients for overall health and vitality. We finish a class with relaxation so our body and mind can enjoy ‘just being’ and allow all the benefits of the session to be assimilated. So, the asanas, pranayama and relaxation helps to rid our tension and relax the body ready for meditation, so that we can sit without aches and pains. You will learn different techniques to help you to meditate. There is no one way to meditate and the object of meditation is that it should be uplifting and that the mind should enjoy it.